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It's Time Blue w orangeCMO Prayer Requests

Here are prayer requests from CSBC state staff and North American Mission Board church planting catalysts for use in promoting the California Mission Offering in 2018. The prayer requests reflect the importance of the offering emphasis, "It's Time." These prayer requests would be excellent for use in a CMO sermon or mission presentation and are meant to be integrated into the age-level mission studies. Choose prayer requests to be voiced at each church service in September; also use them throughout your CMO promotion including church bulletins and newsletters.

CMO Prayer Requests

CMO Quotes

Here are California Mission Offering quotes from your CSBC state staff and NAMB church planting catalysts. These quotes are made available to help churches in promoting the 2018 California Mission Offering and would be excellent for use in a CMO sermon or mission presentation and could be integrated into the age-level mission studies. Use quotes throughout your CMO emphasis including church bulletins and newsletters.

CMO Quotes

Request a Speaker

A speaker is a great opportunity to educate congregations about California missions. California Southern Baptist Ministry Resource Center missionaries and directors of missions are available to speak at your church about California Mission Offering anytime you have a mission emphasis.

If your church has a specific interest, such as church starting or evangelism, contact one of the state missionaries whose ministry assignment falls into the particular category about which you are interested.

Directors of missions also are a great source of inspiration about California missions.

Select a speaker from the lists below:

If you would like for California Southern Baptist Convention to arrange for a missionary speaker, click here to provide information so we may best fill your needs.

If a missionary can't be secured to speak at your church, consider conducting a telephone interview using either a speaker-phone or cellular phone. Missionaries usually can provide photos of their ministries that could be displayed for the congregation through PowerPoint or other visual media while the interview is being conducted. To schedule a phone interview, it is best to contact the missionary directly to work out details.  Please use the lists above to contact the missionary who best fits your needs.

For more information about enlisting a missionary speaker, contact Linda Barone at 559.256.0823 or click here to send an e-mail.

Use e-mails to promote CMO

Email is a great way to keep your church connected throughout the week. When used effectively it can help you to pastor and lead your church.

Learn how to educate your congregation and promote CMO.

2018 Ministry Photos

This gallery features CSBC ministry photos.  To download photos:

  1. right click on the link
  2. select Save Target As...
  3. select a destination on your hard drive
  4. click the Save button.
Feather River Baptist Association
01 - Feather River JBallard_web
02 - Feather River

feather river2_web

03 - Feather River


feather river3_web
04 - Feather River feather river4_web
05 -  Feather River feather river5_web
06 - Feather River feather river6_web
Story City Church, Burbank  
01 - Story City Church storycity 1_web
02 - Story City Church storycity 2_web
03 - Story City Church storycity 3_web
04 - Story City Church storycity 4_web
05 - Story City Church storycity 5 web
06 - Story City Church storycity 6_web
07 - Story City Church storycity7_web
Ignition Student Conference
01 - Ignition ignition1_web
02 - Ignition ignition 2_web
03 - Ignition ignition 3 web
04 - Ignition ignition 4_web
05 - Ignition   ignition 5_web
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