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Promotion Plans and Giving Talks

This year we have provided a number of resources to help you promote CMO. There are two in particular that we want to call your attention to:

CMO Promotion Plans

One of the questions we get each year is about how to best use the promotional resources provided. To help, we have created an easy to follow promotion plan your church can implement in just a few minutes.

There are 4 plans to choose from, each based on the number of weeks you plan to promote CMO this year. Whether you are spending 1 week, or an entire month talking about CMO, there is a promotion plan for you.

How to use promotion plans

  • Open the PDFof your choice
  • Look over the color coded calendar to see our recommendations for sharing about CMO
  • Download the ready-to-use CMO resources from the calmissions.com website
  • Send the resources and calendar to your communications team or a key volunteer who can set things up for you
  • Follow the plan to get the word out
  • Receive the CMO offering
  • Celebrate with your churchover your part in making CMO successful

CMO Giving Talks

Every week hours go into planning the worship service, writing the sermon and practicing the music. Why? Because we plan where we want to succeed.

Applying the same approach to CMO giving can be the difference between a church that knows about California missions, and one that actively supports it.

To help, we have written several short CMO Giving Talks. Each 60-90 second talk is ready for a pastor, key leader or volunteer to share. Through a moment of education, then prayer, the talks help your church learn about CMO and the reasons to give.

To use the giving talk...

  • Open the PDFof your choice
  • Read over the talk and determine who is best to share it
  • Give the talk to the appropriate person with enough time for them to work through it and deliver it with confidence
  • Have the corresponding CMO video ready to play for your congregation
  • Close with prayer of the invitation to give to CMO
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