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Churches that take one special mission offering

It's Time Blue w orangeWhile many California Southern Baptist churches participate in the traditional weeks of prayer and offerings for California, North America and international missions each year, some churches choose to participate in a combined mission giving emphasis, benefiting all three.

If your church is one of these, how can you best promote California missions? Here are some ideas:

  • Budget specifically for the California Mission Offering; do not let the fact that your church takes only one offering keep you from supporting California missions.
  • Use the CMO Planning Kit mailed to churches by California Southern Baptist Convention. None of the materials are dated and can be used any time during the year.
  • Consider observing a Week of Prayer for California missions to educate your members about and inspire them to pray for CSBC ministries and missionaries.
  • When promoting one offering, be certain to give equal promotion time to California, national, and international missions. Make it clear how the offering will be used to support various ministries throughout the year.
  • If holding a missions fair or other similar event during your emphasis, invite missionaries that represent the various ministries supported by CMO. CSBC can assist your church in securing a California missions representative/speaker. Click here to request a CSBC representative/ missions speaker for your church or call 559.256.0823.
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