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CMO Fast Facts

Why give to CMO:
To fulfill the Great Commission by cooperating with other California Southern Baptist Convention churches to reach the 33 million unsaved Californians for Christ. That 33 million represents almost nine of 10 Californians!

CMO state goal for 2017:

Amount given to CMO in 2016:
$366,812 (85% of $430,000 goal)

Amount of CMO used to support California mission projects:

Total 2017 CSBC Cooperative Program budget: 
$6.8 million

Year offering started:

Goal in 1942:

Amount given in 1942:
$832.70 from 22 churches

What types of projects does CMO support?

  • Starting new churches
  • Evangelism projects such as block party trailers for associations
  • Disaster Relief ministries
  • Migrant missions for the more than 20 state-operated migrant centers
  • Local projects sponsored by CSBC associations

For additional facts about CMO and/or CSBC, click here.


The largest allocation, $243,750, or 65 percent, is for starting new churches, evanglism and healthy church projects to enable congregations to be effective in reaching California’s more than 37 million residents.

Healthy churches will be involved in mission action, and the offering has earmarked $56,250 for disaster relief efforts and mission discipleship.

Ministering through associational partnerships is one way local congregations benefit directly from the California Mission Offering. This year $37,500 has been earmarked for associational partnership efforts.

Mission support projects will receive 10 percent of this year’s offering to help with the Season of Prayer and promotion for California Mission Offering.

Pray about what you and your family will give to reach the more than 33 million Californians who don’t know Jesus.

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