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CSBC Facts

Here are a number of facts to help with promoting the California Mission Offering in your church. These facts could be used in sermons, learning sessions for different age groups, presentations to Sunday School, small group, Bible study classes, etc.

CSBC Churches/Missions 2,318
     Anglo 858
     African-American 459
     Hispanic 374
     Korean 202
     Chinese 74
     Other Ethnic 351
Cooperating Congregations         1,210
New Congregations in 2016 56 (30 Language; 20 Anglo; 6 African-American)
(39 new and 17 newly affiliated)        
Total Church Baptisms in 2016 (most recent) 10,949 (Ranks 10th of the 42 state Baptist conventions for total baptisms)
Total Membership in 2016 (most recent) Approximately 410,552
Languages Preached/Distinct Ethnic Groups Reached Weekly 77/60
Field/NAMB Missionaries/ Ministry Resource Center Staff/ Jenness Park 68 - MRC (37); Field Missionaries (1); NAMB Church Planting Catalyst (11); JP (19)
Associations 29
Schools 1 – California Baptist University
Foundations 1 – California Baptist Foundation
Christian Camps 1 – Jenness Park
Professions of Faith at Jenness Park in 2016 299
Disaster Relief Units 44, including mobile kitchens, communications unit, recovery units, shower units, medical units, dental units and clean-up units
Trained Disaster Relief Workers 3,000+
Number of Christian Job Corps Sites 2 –  El Monte, Victorville
Number of Partnership Mission Endeavor 1
Cooperative Program Objective for 2017 $6,800,000
Percentage for World Missions 34.5%  ($2,346,000)
Percent for California Missions 59.5%  ($4,046,000)
Percent for California Baptist University 5%  ($340,000)
Percent for California Baptist Foundation 1%  ($68,000)
Cooperative Program Gifts in 2016 $6,585,367
California Population 39.3 million (estimated)
California's Unchurched Population 33 million (estimated)
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