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California Southern Baptist Convention suggests the month of September to pray for and receive the California Mission Offering. However, a church can celebrate California missions any time during the year.

Because the entire month is designated for California missions, a prayer guide and videos have been designed for use during the month. Several other resources are available on this website to help churches promote the offering.

Theme "It's Time! CA Churches Reaching CA"

Romans 13:11  “This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. ” (NLT)

Bad news travels fast. On September 11, 2001 the entire world knew about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, within hours of it happening. Millions watched it on television and learned details as the tragedy unfolded. Today, billions in the world, and millions in California, haven’t heard the good news that Jesus died on a cross to pay the price for their sin. We have lost our sense of urgency to tell this good-news story!

It’s time for California Southern Baptists to take the responsibility of evangelizing the more than 33 million in our state who don’t Jesus as their Savior.

  • It would take 66,000 churches each winning 500 people to reach California’s unchurched.
  • California Baptists reported fewer than 10,000 baptisms in 2017. At that rate, and with no additional population growth, it would take Southern Baptists more than 3,300 years to reach California’s lost.
  • We can give to the California Mission Offering and reach our goal of $435,000, but doing so raises only 1.3 cents per lost person in California. We must do more!

The lostness in California is immense! We can’t give up, be lazy or stop caring. Instead, it’s time CSBC churches accept the urgent truth that winning California for Jesus is our responsibility. In writing to the Romans, Paul, in chapter 13, was right – it’s urgent. It’s getting late. Time is running out.

It’s time for California Southern Baptists to accept our responsibility to reach California with the Good News. It’s time for California Southern Baptists to give sacrificially for ministries – evangelism, missions, revitalization and church planting – to reach our state. It’s time every church aggressively prayed, planned and prayed again about sharing Jesus in its community. It’s time we claim California for Jesus!

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The goal for the 2018 California Mission Offering is $435,000. Gifts to CMO will support church starting and evangelism projects, disaster relief and mission discipleship, associational projects and season of prayer and promotion.

In looking at setting your church’s CMO goal for 2018, consider the following:

  • Increase this year’s goal by 10 percent over the amount given last year.
  • Increase this year’s goal by 10 percent over last year’s goal.
  • Increase this year’s goal by 5 percent over last year’s goal..


The largest allocation, $217,500, or 50 percent, is for starting new churches and revitalization projects to enable congregations to be effective in reaching California’s more than 37 million residents.

$130,500 has been earmarked for evangelism, missions and disaster relief efforts throughout the Golden State.

Ministering through associational partnerships is one way local congregations benefit directly from the California Mission Offering. This year $43,500 has been designated for associational partnership efforts.

Mission support projects will receive 10 percent of this year's offering to help with the Season of Prayer and promotion for the Offering.

Pray about what you and your family will give to reach the more than 33 million Californians who don’t know Jesus as their Savior.

2018 cmo allocations

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