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California Southern Baptist Convention suggests the month of September to pray for and receive the California Mission Offering. However, a church can celebrate California missions any time during the year.

Because the entire month is designated for California missions, a prayer guide and videos have been designed for use during the month. Several other resources are available on this website to help churches promote the offering.

Theme "It Begins With You"

Everything has a beginning: every day, every adventure, every task, every race, every story, every relationship. Everything has a beginning. But the greatest beginning anyone can experience is the day they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and begin to walk with Him.

Jesus valued the new beginnings of eternal life. His mission on the cross makes salvation possible for all who turn to Him. As He returned to Heaven Jesus gave His disciples their mission: “You shall be my witnesses …”

Jesus’ plan is for everyone everywhere to trust Him as Savior. He chose His disciples to work that plan. What began with Jesus is now the challenge for all believers – to take Jesus to everyone everywhere. For California Baptists to fulfill this mission in California alone means reaching 33 million with the Gospel, an enormous challenge! How can this ever be accomplished?

“It Begins With YOU,” not with someone else, but you!

  • It begins when you pray for unsaved family, friends, neighbors and co-workers; when you pray for pastors, church starters and their workers; and when you pray for God’s help in pushing back the darkness in California.
  • It begins with you as you choose to tell others your story of faith in Jesus and how they too can know Him.
  • It begins when you love others, serving them the ways you would like others to serve you.
  • It begins when you choose to disciple a new believer, teaching them how to live as an obedient servant of Jesus.
  • It begins when you choose to sacrificially give away your wealth so every person in California might hear the Good News of Jesus.

That leaves just one big question: What will you let God begin through YOU?

The goal for the 2017 California Mission Offering is $375,000. Gifts to CMO will support church starting, healthy church evangelism projects, disaster relief and mission action, associational projects and mission support.

In looking at setting your church’s CMO goal for 2017, consider the following:

  • Increase this year’s goal by 10 percent over the amount given last year.
  • Increase this year’s goal by 10 percent over last year’s goal.
  • Increase this year’s goal by 5 percent over last year’s goal..


The largest allocation, $243,750, or 65 percent, is for starting new churches, evanglism and healthy church projects to enable congregations to be effective in reaching California’s more than 37 million residents.

Healthy churches will be involved in mission action, and the offering has earmarked $56,250 for disaster relief efforts and mission discipleship.

Ministering through associational partnerships is one way local congregations benefit directly from the California Mission Offering. This year $37,500 has been earmarked for associational partnership efforts.

Mission support projects will receive 10 percent of this year’s offering to help with the Season of Prayer and promotion for California Mission Offering.

Pray about what you and your family will give to reach the more than 33 million Californians who don’t know Jesus.

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