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Theme: Be Bold

Shareable-1After Peter and John were threatened by Jewish religious leaders to “not speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus,” they prayed for boldness. Today, California Southern Baptists need to voice that same prayer for the Holy Spirit to empower us to speak the Word of God boldly.

With the lives of 33 million unsaved Californians at stake, His servants, known as California Southern Baptists, must be bold in our approach to those around us in an effort to accomplish the tasks to which He has called us.

There is something about God’s people empowered by the Holy Spirit that gives us boldness to be more effective witnesses in our communities. God has called California Southern Baptists to “Be Bold.” The same God who sent His Son to redeem the world has promised He will never leave or forsake those who believe and have faith in Him.

We can “Be Bold" in our witness, by working cooperatively and by supporting the California Mission Offering. Through CMO, we can start new churches, support evangelism projects, provide leadership development for pastors and church leaders, minister to migrant workers through “Feeding Those Who Feed Us,” support association mission projects, serve victims of disaster and much more.

By tapping into the Holy Spirit, God will help us in our efforts to “Be Bold” for Him in every endeavor undertaken.  So, “Be Bold” in praying, giving, going and sharing!

Last Published: July 3, 2014 8:00 PM
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