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CMO Fast Facts

The reason we give to CMO:
To help our California Southern Baptist Convention churches reach the 33 million unsaved Californians for Christ. That 33 million represents almost nine of 10 Californians!

CMO state goal for 2014:

Amount given to CMO in 2013:

Amount of CMO used to support California mission projects:

Total 2014 CSBC Cooperative Program budget: 
$7.14 million

Year offering started:

Goal in 1942:

Amount given in 1942:
$832.70 from 22 churches

What types of projects does CMO support?

  • Starting new churches
  • Evangelism projects such as block party trailers for associations
  • Disaster Relief ministries
  • Migrant missions for the more than 20 state-operated migrant centers
  • Local projects sponsored by CSBC associations

For additional facts about CMO and/or CSBC, click here.

Last Published: July 3, 2014 8:17 PM
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