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Sermon Helps

It's Time Blue w orangeSermon helps are available for use by pastors, mission leaders or others making a California Mission Offering presentation. For 2018 Mike McGuffee, CSBC ministerial leadership specialist, has provided a sample sermon.


2018 CMO Sermon

Click here for "It's Time!" sermon by Mike McGuffee.

Sermon PowerPoints:

To download:

  1. right click on the link
  2. select Save Target As...
  3. select a destination on your hard drive
  4. click the Save button.
The PowerPoint slide presentation

2018 4x3 "It's Time!" PowerPoint presentation

2018 16x9 "It's Time!" PowerPoint presentation

The pdf slide presentation

2018 4x3 "It's Time!" PDF presentation

2018 16x9 "It's Time!" PDF presentation

"It's Time!" slides  

4x3 slide 1.jpg

16x9 slide 1.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page01 web

4x3 slide 2.jpg

16x9 slide 2.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page02 web

4x3 slide 3.jpg

16x9 slide 3.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page03 web

4x3 slide 4.jpg

16x9 slide 4.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page04 web

4x3 slide 5.jpg

16x9 slide .jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page05 web

4x3 slide 6.jpg

16x9 slide 6.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page06 web

4x3 slide 7.jpg

16x9 slide 7.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page07 web

4x3 slide 8.jpg

16x9 slide 8.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page08 web

4x3 slide 9.jpg

16x9 slide 9.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page09 web

4x3 slide 10.jpg

16x9 slide 10.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page10 web

4x3 slide 11.jpg

16x9 slide11.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page11 web

4x3 slide 12.jpg

16x9 slide 12.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page12 web

4x3 slide 13.jpg

16x9 slide 13.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page13 web

4x3 slide 14.jpg

16x9 slide 14.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page14 web

4x3 slide 15.jpg

16x9 slide 15.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page15 web

4x3 slide 16.jpg

16x9 slide 16.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page16 web

4x3 slide 17.jpg

16x9 slide 17.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page17 web

4x3 slide 18.jpg

16x9 slide 18.jpg

CMO2018Sermon16x9-18 web

4x3 slide 19.jpg

16x9 slide 19.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page19 web

4x3 slide 20.jpg

16x9 slide 20.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page20 web

4x3 slide 21.jpg

16x9 slide 21.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page21 web

4x3 slide 22.jpg

16x9 slide 22.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page22 web

4x3 slide 23.jpg

16x9 slide 23.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page23 web

4x3 slide 24.jpg

16x9 slide 24.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page24 web

4x3 slide 25.jpg

16x9 slide 25.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page25 web

4x3 slide 26.jpg

16x9 slide 26.jpg

CMO 2018 Sermon - 16x9_page26 web



Last Published: July 25, 2018 2:23 PM
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