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Videos have been produced for the "Let's Go Fishing" theme to celebrate a season of prayer for California missions and the California Mission Offering. The videos are available here in a streaming format and are available for download for viewing in churches.

Click on the titles below to view the streaming files and/or download videos for use in your church.

  • Theme Interpretation – This video is an overview about the meaning of fishing – specifically to fish for people and the implications for California Southern Baptists (2:51)

  • Evangelism Emphasis for 2016 – A video about the 2016 bulletin insert and how it and the pull-off guide can be used to pray for California Southern Baptist missions as well as train church members using John 3:16 to witness and make a gospel presentation (2:58)

  • Gospel Presentation – A short video explaining how to use the "What is Your Purpose?" witnessing guide to lead others to Jesus after learning how to make a gospel presentation (2:04)

  • Church Starting – Looks at New Life Community Church in Oakland and how they fish for people and make a difference in the community (1:42)

  • Migrant Ministries – Hear from two leaders about their church involvement in "Feeding Those Who Feed Us" migrant ministry and its effectiveness in reaching migrants in California for Christ (1:57)

  • Language Missions – Learn the importance of reaching language groups in California, especially Middle-Easterners (1:43)

Last Published: July 12, 2016 12:31 AM
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