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It's Time Blue w orangeThe California Mission Offering has a rich history dating back to the early days of California Southern Baptist Convention. The first state mission offering for the young Southern Baptist General Convention of California was set for October 25, 1942.

This section outlines the purpose of CMO; provides background information on S.G. Posey, a former California Southern Baptist executive, who inspired the offering; gives a brief history of the offering.

CMO Purpose

The four-fold purpose of the California Mission Offering is to:

  • Educate California Southern Baptists about mission and ministry projects funded through their gifts to this special offering and to create an awareness of the urgent need to reach California for Christ. About 87 percent, or 33 million, of the more than 38 million residents of the Golden State are considered unchurched.
  • Encourage California Southern Baptists to pray for California missions and missionaries.
  • Encourage California Southern Baptists to go and share their faith daily and through short- and long-term mission projects.
  • Encourage California Southern Baptist churches to participate in giving to missions through the California Mission Offering.

CMO History

The first state mission offering for the young Southern Baptist General Convention of California was set for October 25, 1942. State missions was to be observed not only by California Southern Baptists, but by all state Baptist conventions of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The October 8, 1942 issue of The California Southern Baptist reported: “This is the first time in Southern Baptist history when a great Mission Day Program could be put on from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is a time for which many have prayed and worked.”

Shortly thereafter, the State Mission Board in late March 1943 designated Easter Sunday, April 25, as State Mission Day. On this day a special offering was to be taken to increase the state mission budget of the Convention. It was reported in The CSB: “This special offering will be used wholly for mission work within the state.

The goal was set at $1,000.  In the May 1943 issue of The CSB it was reported that $832.70 had been collected toward the goal. That amount was from 22 churches and two individuals. Gifts ranged from $5.25 to $115.89.

For many years, October was designated for the state mission emphasis.  In 1955, the offering was named in honor of Mrs. W.C. “Brooksie” Howell, who served as executive secretary of California Woman’s Missionary Union from December 1944 to July 1952. The CSB reported in its Sept. 15, 1955 edition: “During Mrs. Howell’s long years of service she magnified state missions and each year without doubt made the largest contribution to the cause of any Southern Baptist in California.”

The offering remained named in honor of Mrs. Howell until 1985 when a motion was made at the state convention annual meeting to change the name to the S.G. Posey Offering for State Missions. The motion carried.

In those intervening years, September became the preferred time to promote prayer and offerings for state mission causes.

Since 2000, California Southern Baptists have given more than $4 million through the offering. The largest amount ever received was in 2005 when California Southern Baptists contributed $515,392. The figure was an increase of $197,934, or 62 percent, over the 2004 total of $317,458. In 2015, $430,330.32 was given (101.25% of $425,000 goal.)
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