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Mission Stories - 2016

Here are mission stories about the ministries featured in the CMO which are funded, in part, through gifts to the California Mission Offering. These stories demonstrate why California Southern Baptists are encouraged to continue ministering for Christ "Let's Go Fishing" through the 2016 CMO. This year's statewide offering goal is $430,000.

These stories are posted to provide information to help churches promote the CMO and educate members about California missions and the importance of telling every man, woman, boy and girl about Jesus.

“The beauty of New Life is that, on any given Sunday, a young professional can be in a new members’ class or worshiping on the same row with a formerly incarcerated brother or sister. This is a testament to the unifying impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Hammock said. Read More
They immigrate to California from the Middle-East to work, go to school, raise their families, escape persecution and hardship. Here, as they begin to build new lives in a new land, some find new life in Christ. Many Middle-Eastern pastors believe there are some 1.2 million Middle-Easterners living in California, and that number is growing. Read More
Since 2002 more than 10,000 migrants have made professions of faith, with the ministry annually averaging 1,000 decisions for Christ. Several churches have been started to follow up with and disciple these new believers. Read More
Here are more mission stories from 2012 and 2015 about the ministries featured in the CMO. Read More
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