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Mission Stories - 2017

Here are mission stories about the ministries featured in the CMO which are funded, in part, through gifts to the California Mission Offering. These stories demonstrate why California Southern Baptists are encouraged to continue ministering for Christ "It All Begins With You" through the 2017 CMO. This year's statewide offering goal is $375,000.

These stories are posted to provide information to help churches promote the CMO and educate members about California missions and the importance of telling every man, woman, boy and girl about Jesus.

Theirs is not a ministry that’s in the spotlight, bringing attention and accolades their way. And that’s just fine with Wayne and Paula Aranaz, a retired couple who spend countless hours behind the scenes -- cleaning and sanitizing, changing oil and rotating tires, ordering supplies and doing whatever it takes to make sure California Baptists’ mobile medical and dental clinics are ready to roll when service opportunities arise. Read More
When Maria first immigrated legally to California from Mexico, she knew she would need to learn English. What she didn’t know, however, was that, in doing so, she would also come to know Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. Read More
Everything had been reduced to ashes. A 2016 wildfire roared through the southern California home and outbuildings of Bill Cronkrite, devouring everything in its path, including a Bronze Star, Purple Heart and other medals awarded to the man’s late son, Army Sgt. Brud Joseph Cronkrite who had been killed in Iraq in 2004. Read More
Howard Burkhart’s Christian journey, which has led him to serve for the past 30-plus years as church planting catalyst for California Baptists, had its beginning in what some might consider an unlikely place. Read More
A single father whose children were dropped on his doorstep after his ex-wife overdosed … a rodeo cowboy, dripping with sin, who walked away from a life of fame and fortune … a former Mormon who turned his back on his faith at age 18, vowing never to talk to God again … a single woman coming out of years of abuse … these are all people who “gave their lives to Christ,” through the ministry of Catalyst, Woodland, a four-year old church plant just a few miles northwest of Sacramento. Read More
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